MyEdu Publishes Academic Journey Research: Students Lack Support in Major Selection and Broad Academic Trajectory

MyEdu today published a short-form report of our academic research focused on the Academic Journey. This paper presents the results of a quantitative and qualitative research study conducted in Texas with users of our system. The statistically significant survey of college students, and the associated in-depth ethnographic research, indicate four major findings:

  1. Students do not feel as though they are receiving logistical or emotional support and advice as they make large academic decisions (such as the selection of a major or the desire to change majors mid-stream);
  2. Students’ large, academic decisions are often made irrationally, based on anecdotal data or on a whim;
  3. These large, academic decisions are made early in the academic journey, where students may have an incomplete understanding of what they are doing and why they are doing it; and,
  4. These large, academic decisions have tremendous emotional and financial consequences for students and society.

Fundamentally, the research indicates a divide between the desire of students to explore academia in a flexible manner before committing to a course of study, and the desire of academia to force students through a rigid and rather unforgiving set of procedures quickly and efficiently.

You can read the whole report here, as a .pdf.

Jon Kolko

Jon Kolko is Vice President of Product Design and Innovation at MyEdu, and the Founder and Director of Austin Center for Design. He is the author of the book Thoughts on Interaction Design, published by Morgan Kaufmann, Exposing the Magic of Design: A Practitioner's Guide to the Methods and Theory of Synthesis, published by Oxford University Press, and the text Wicked Problems: Problems Worth Solving, published by Austin Center for Design.